Hard top pool enclosure made by AquaShield collapses under just a few inches of snow. Long Island, New York, 2014.

Our Story

Last year, after a few years of saving money, we bought this expensive hard top pool cover from the company called AquaShield, located in West Babylon, NY. The product was professionally installed by independent contractor, covered by 10 years warranty, and all looked great... Until the winter, when construction completely collapsed under just a few inches of snow . And then we had discovered the fine print:  warranty doesn't cover damages caused by snow. According to AquaShield, the owner must remove "excessive" snow from the cover as soon as it falls.

If you, the reader, think of investing in any AquaShield product, consider this first:

  • Our cover is 48f long, 18f wide, and 3-5 f high.  It's not an easy task to remove the snow from it, especially from the center
  • It's freezing, and snowing outside: you have to go out and remove the snow.
  • It's freezing, snowing, and dark outside: you have to go out and remove the snow.
  • If you consider to go to Aruba , or Vail, or anywhere else on vacation in the winter: forget about it. Because if it snows while you are not home, you pool cover will collapsed, and you have no warranty.
  • We had wasted our money!! Don't waste yours.